The ALL Game!

Isn't life amazing?  What a wonderful game!

Life a game? However life seems to unfold, still, we are all involved in the game of life. Some of us play it better than others, some seem to get more rewards and successes than others, some people  seem to float through life. We are all players in the game called life.


The ALL Game - the Awareness, Love and Light Game

Join in an instructive, insightful and rewarding experience that will aid you in expressing more of your potential. The All Game is a perfect tool for personal discovery. Imagine attending one of these games: here you will find a small but hearty band of individuals who mutually  encourage and inspire each other to better play this game.

The All Game works in mysterious ways, using the principles of synchronicity, intuition, and group dynamics to nurture self-awareness, to provoke thought, and to entice positive actions for all. Participants are oftentimes astounded by the uncanny coincidences of the game, as well as by the enlightened  revelations received. The games are fun and varied, including not only discussion and journaling, but laughter, movement, drawing, intimate moments, deep sharing and even dancing. Did we mention fun?


Treat yourself to the discovery.

“The Awareness, Love and Light Game has a larger mission set upon a practical premise: the more aware   people there are, the more loving and enlightened our world will become”. (Vitae Bergman).




















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